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Because you're all dying to know...

...I called the building manager about the police coming to check up on my noisy yet oddly vacant neighbors - it seems they went on vacation for a couple of weeks, and left the keys with someone who's been picking up their mail. Unfortunately, he's also been playing their stereo at ear-shattering decibels, then forgetting to turn it off when he leaves. Awesome. Also, the manager flipped out when I mentioned the fact that I heard the washing machine and dryer being used over the weekend - at the time, I assumed it was my neighbors, but evidently the little helper has been helping himself to free laundry service in the apartment, too. Which, really, is no big deal, except that the manager is of the opinion that the neighbors do not have the right to let anyone else use their appliances, because they don't own them. Well, yanno, that seems a bit weird (so, if I have guests over, they can't use the bathroom?), but whatever. The super will turn the stereo off if the neighbors don't come home today, and that's an end to that. Just, no one better wake me up in the middle of the night tonight - I will be a raging psycho bitch tomorrow if I lose my voting sleep.
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