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Livia Llewellyn

Why am I blogging at three in the morning?

Because at 2:30 in the morning, I shot out of bed from the sound of pounding at a door - for one horrific discombobulated moment, I thought it was my door. Then I tip-toed to the peek-hole, and saw two Jersey City police officers standing at the door of my neighbors (owners of Yip Dog, who I have another story about...) - I opened the door after a few minutes of listening to their conversation with the couple from the second floor, who were concerned because Yip Neighbors have had their stereo on extremely loud ever since Saturday. I don't notice it because I don't hear the sound of the bass, but I can imagine living below them would be hell, since they do have it (or the TV) on pretty much all the time. So the couple decided "fuck this", and called the police. Thing is, Yip Neighbors refused to open the door - the police and the couple seemed to be under the impression that they weren't home, but I know better. I heard Yip Neighbors running their washing machine this morning (I can hear the motor when I'm in my bathroom), and I also heard them going in and out of the apartment. However, this is not Law & Order, so sadly the officers couldn't force them to open their door. So it looks like I'll be calling the building manager when I get to work this morning, and then he can call them or come over and open the door.

Now I have to try to get back to sleep. Ugh. It's already shaping up to be one ugly morning.
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